Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Road Block?!

I called the RE office today to see if they had my results from the day 3 FSH levels and other tests that they had done. I had called once and they did not have them back and then got too busy so I was finally able to call today. Anyhow, my thyroid is fine, the estradiol level was fine also. But now I am worried that we have another thing to worry about. My FSH was elevated (12.7). The nurse said that they like to see it under 10 at their center. I have been doing a bit of reading and some centers like it under 9 or 10 or 11. I guess you have to repeat the test to see if it is an indication of poor ovarian reserve. The nurse was a little concerned since she said it was elevated and I am young (well, 31) but she said it can fluctuate from one month to another. So now I feel like I have hit another roadblock. Could the elevated FSH be related to having balanced translocation?
I have to go in on Thursday to test for progesterone to see if I ovulated. The RE wants to give me a boost once I ovulate.
I was hopeful that maybe Clomid could work for us since trying naturally is our only outlet. I asked the nurse if she thought that I could still conceive given the poor FSH result and taking Clomid and she said that it could happen. She did not seem too positive though (although she was extremely nice with me!).
Well, I guess it's the 2ww game now and more to worry about..... great!