Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well, I do not have anything much to say about BT, testings, or TTC at this point. Life is pretty calm (somewhat). In the 2ww right now but I already know what the outcome will be. Hubby and I have been pretty busy so romantic time has been limited.
BUT I am enjoying this Holiday Season to the fullest! I am not going to miss out on Christmas this year. The Grinch stole mine last year by escorting my angel #4 to a happy place on Christmas Eve day. All plans were canceled and I felt devastated. I was hoping that I would be successfully pregnant by now but it is not the case............. so I am trying to enjoy life. I have picked up reading and I am enjoying great books. I immerse myself in my job (I own a dance school and I teach alot of classes throughout the week). I am on break right now and it feels good. We are putting all of our recital ideas together and it keeps my mind occupied! Some of the instructors came over today and we had a good time, we had some great laughs! Me trying to re-enact Aretha Franklin RESPECT was a hoot! ha!

I know many of you are dealing with infertility. Please do not lose hope! I wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!! Enjoy your Holidays! You deserve it!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

On Hold

Well, I realized that my insurance only covers tests and anything related to infertlity 50% with a $5000 lifetime cap........ uggghhh..... bummer. I have to pay half of the HSG test. I was able to call hospital and schedule payments spread over a period of several months.
My OB/GYN wanted to perform one more Blood test but it has to be done at a lab and it will be billed under infertility so I know it is going to cost me. Unfortunately, I cannot afford it at the moment. So this test is on HOLD. I'll wait, maybe February or March I'll be able to do it. The Doc thinks that there is nothing wrong but we are just performing all testings to rule out anything else wrong other than BT.
What is unfair is that my insurance is crappy for infertlity but great for pregnancy!!!! or anything else in that matter.......... uggghhhh........

But anyhow, I keep my spirit high in this Holiday Season and cannot wait for some time off so my Hubby and I can relax and have some fun ;-)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last Tests

OB/GYN Office called last week and there is one more thing to test and then I am done. So far, all is normal! Nothing else wrong. Even ovulation hormone is in excellent range! That's great! Ohhhhhh..... BT, why are you so cruel?
But the Holidays are here and this is my favorite time of the year so I am making the best of it!!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blood Work Results

Well, I got the results from the progesterone testing and thyroid function (yes, they did test both things. If you read my previous post, the script from Doc was a little confusing but got sorted out).
Everything came back normal. Nothing wrong there. Well.......... that's good.......... It just means that the translocation is the only thing in the way........ Ggggrrrr....... Just the luck of the draw from here. I just have to stay positive and cross my fingers that it will happen one day!

Huuuhhhhh but then today, I got my AF :-( Oh well, I guess my focus will be on enjoying the Holidays and Xmas, my favorite time of the year. I hope this one is better than last years (m/c #4 happened on Xmas eve day).

Amazingly, I find myself in a good mood today........I guess that's good!