Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Plain Weird Cycle

I am not understanding how my body is working right now. I have never experienced this after any D&Cs or m/c's. I got my period after a 22 day cycle in July after the D&C of June 30. My period was extremely heavy and had lots of cramps. I remember ovulating early afterwards at about 10-11 days but I then started my next cycle on day 20. So it was very short, 19 day cycle. My period which is usually pretty long was extremely short, Wed afternoon, Thursday, and part of Friday, not heavy, no cramps...... that's not me, it has never been light and painless. I took HPT just in case something was up, of course BFN. Anyhow, I am now ovulating again! Cervical mucus, pain in ovaries, and low temp. Wow, I am only on day 9. What is happening?! Maybe my body needs more time to re-adjust. I am going to keep an eye on the next few cycles and see. Well....... it could be hormonal too, I am getting older and it might be different. Will see.......... I just thought it was plain weird!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Poked, AF, and finally......... VACATION!

Hello everyone,

I went in this week to do another blood work to see if something else, beside BT, could be causing recurring miscarriages. One of the doctors had ordered the test a long time ago and I never did it. The first time they gave me the prescription, it was coded under infertility and my insurance isn't great coverage so I was scared as how much it would cost me. Anyhow... they wrote me a new one coded under pregnancy and it was covered 100%.... that's good! I do believe that the test is to see if my body (killer cells, not sure) is attacking the fetus. I am pretty sure that this is not the case but it was the last test that could be done. I have been tested for every problem possible I believe. So here again, I was poked once more. But then again, I did not expect to be diagnosed with BT when I got tested for that. We shall see...

Oh, so AF showed up yesterday, again. A 19 days cycle, huh?! I already had my period after the D&C after a 22 days cycle. Maybe my body needs time to re-adjust. I usually have long cycles. Weird.

And finally!!! After a very rough past few months, I finally have some time off!!!!! 11 days without going to the studio..... somewhat of a vacation!!!! We are not going anywhere as my Hubby is going back to work on Monday but I am looking forward to some time to relax and most importantly recharge my "batteries" before a new dance year! I am planning on going to Zumba classes, reading, tanning, taking care of my house, and spending some time with my three doggies :) Yay!

I forgot..... it's also my B-Day weekend, whoo hoo! I will be 31 on Sunday. Looking back, I thought that I would be done with starting our family by now, with maybe two kids. But life wasn't meant to be that way for me I guess. But I am thankful and greatful anyway. We have a house, I have a great Hubby, I have my dream job, wonderful pets, great friends, etc...and the list goes on.... Although I still want something else, I have to realize that I am a lucky girl.

And I still have hope........ we will try again........ and maybe someday........ we will succeed!