Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Past Two Months

I have not been posting much lately. Been really busy and wanted to wait a bit to tell you more.
Well, within the past two months, I got two more FSH testing, one was 9.2 and the other 10.6. So overall, my FSH is higher than what a 31 year old should be. GREAT! This has been so hard to deal with but I am hanging in there. All along I thought that the balanced translocation was my enemy but to find out, FSH is an enemy as well!!! I went back this past Monday to draw more blood. Since the RE was concerned about the FSH, he decided to test my AMH to see what my ovarian reserve looks like. Well, let me tell you that I am not eager to receive that phone call!!! I am terrified to get an aweful result. I keep telling myself "why oh why???" I guess I will keep you posted in a later post about the results.
So at the end of January the RE had me start Clomid. The first two cycles at 50 mg did not work. I am on the third cycle and took 100 mg on CD 3-7. This time we monitored with ultrasounds. On CD 10 my left ovary had 5 follicles, one big one, 3 medium ones, and a small one. Nothing on the right. I went back on CD 12 and 3 had shrunk, there was still a medium one, and the big one had taken over. It was a bit over 22mm and my lining was 9.2mm if I recall correctly. The RE was pleased that my body produced follicles and he said that if nothing is wrong with hubby's swimmers and BD is done on time, we should maybe achieve pregnancy this cycle. Of course, I know it's not a guarantee. (Plus even if I get pregnant, I have to worry about the egg being UBT, ugghhhhh). Anyhow, I got a trigger shot on Monday a.m. It is now Wednesday. I have to go back tomorrow for another one and again on Monday, I guess to boost things up. At least the follie and the lining looked good. I wished for more follies to get more targets but I have to stay positive and remember that at least a few things looked good this cycle!
Fingers crossed...