Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Visit with a RE and the Start of Clomid

I was referred to a RE by a mom from the dance studio who has had some problems getting pregnant a few years back. I was looking for a new OB/GYN office/practice and she recommended this doctor. Although they don't do obstetrics, I still went because I figured that I could get some answers and the opinion of a specialist. He was very nice and sat with me for more than an hour in his office discussing balanced translocation and infertility in general. I told him how when I asked one of my current OB/GYN if they could give me something to boost my ovulation she had said no, there was no reason to do that with me since I was getting pregnant on my own and my hormones were in the excellent range. The RE saw it otherwise. He said that we could try superovulation, try and produce more eggs with the hopes of getting a good one in there and most importantly fertlized. So this is when Clomid comes to this post. He wrote me a prescription and I guess we will see if taking it and trying naturally can increase my chances of a good egg. Let's hope so...... IVF isn't in our budget and the other medicine the RE talked about with possibly IUI does not seem to be in our budget as well. Yesterday's visit fell under specialist so I only had to pay my $30 copay and the medicine had no cost. It was covered. I was suprised about that, I guess I'll see if I get a bill in the mail from the insurance company.
He also drew blood for ovarian reserve. Hmmmm.... I am kind of scared that they will call me today and that the results are poor. Again, we will see I guess. I just happened that I had my appointment and my period at the same time, so the days worked perfect for blood work and all.
So this is the plan at the moment. Trying naturally with Clomid. As anyone had success with Clomid and balanced translocation, naturally? I was hopeful at first when he talked about it but it has been so rough, I don't know if this will help. I hope so.


  1. I tried clomid and it didn't work for me (it thinned my lining too much). However, it's definitely worked for others and is certainly a great place to start. Crossing my fingers for you.

  2. Thirtiesgirl, I have read about the clomid making the lining too thin. At this point, the RE did not seem concern. He just wanted to start with clomid and see what happens from here. He said it was a plus that I get pregnant by myself, so now it's just a "wait and see" game. If it does not work, then we will have to think of something else :)

  3. I tried clomid plus it have not for me personally (the idea thinned my own cellular lining too much). Nonetheless, it is certainly worked for other individuals and it is undoubtedly a great spot to begin. Crossing my fingertips for you.rs goldBillig WOW Gold